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Our comprehensive list of Point of Sale solutions is designed to meet the needs of your retail business. We are confident that we have a product that will solve your POS problems quickly. Choose the retail solution that's right for you.

POSitec Finestra Point-of-Sale  

POSitec Finestra Point-of-Sale is our newest product offering.  Finestra provides a solid POS platform that runs on the familiar Windows operating system.  Some features include...
  • Fast and efficient sales processing with a simple "scan and sell" operator interface.
  • Advanced sales discount, coupon, deposit, and lottery tracking systems.
  • Accurate, secure inventory tracking.
  • Comprehensive sales reporting.
  • Customer management with Accounts Receivable.
  • Automatic generation of PO's for depleted items.
  • Pharmacy system integration module available.
  • Easy to use sales event or promotional event management.
  • Track the performance of specials and promotions.
  • Easy to use, cash management and reconciliation system.
  • Transaction and cash reconciliation audit trails by till and cashier.
  • System is highly intuitive and requires a minimal amount of training.

POSitec Basic Point of Sale

POSitec Basic was created for the smaller pharmacy with a heavy emphasis on OTC, vitamins, herbals and related health products. Designed specifically to help the dispensary that does not need the power of an advanced (fully featured) pharmacy POS system, but who still needs to manage inventory and margins more effectively. POSitec Basic uses highly effective management programs and reports to provide the right business tools for your retail pharmacy.

Margin*Plus Advanced Point of Sale

The flagship of POSitec's POS systems, Margin*Plus Advanced POS software is designed for full service retail pharmacies. Your vibrant, thriving business will benefit from this advanced program, which has all the tools you need to increase efficiency and grow profits. Margin*Plus is integrated with the major drug store and head office programs, the major retail drug wholesalers, and the major pharmacy dispensary systems in Canada. Mature, tried, tested and robust, the Margin Plus software program is designed to streamline your operations, get a handle on your inventory and improve your bottom line.

POSiPal Portable PC

One of our more recent innovations, POSiPal is proving to be one of our most efficient products yet. POSiPal is a powerful handheld Pocket PC allowing instant access and updates to products anywhere in the store or stockroom to help increase staff efficiency and productivity. You can create purchase orders, shelf labels, adjust prices, add items to flyers and group codes, look up item histories, what's on order, and do quick and easy receiving with this fully integrated system. Save time with this tried and tested affordable POS tool.


POSiTender is our fully integrated Internet debit and credit processing system. It allows for better customer service through its high-speed internet connection. Transactions are processed rapidly, completing in less than 4 seconds, with no more keying errors or card errors. Your customers will appreciate the added convenience and security of the POSiTender system.
Integrated Pharmacy Solutions
POSitec is integrated with several pharmacy systems across Canada, including Kroll, TechRX, Applied Robotics, Paley and Simplicity Plus. We support pharmacies using Unix, Linux, DOS or Windows. This program supports over 20 major features, including: end of day script processing, third party billing, script barcode scanning, updates to accounts receivable, and general ledger and multiple query and sort methods.
Integrated Accounting Solutions
The POSitec Accounting program is integrated with POSitec POS software to improve the efficiency of your business. Take advantage of our many programs that update end of day sales, charge accounts and receiving.

The General Ledger program summarizes your accounting data to show you where your money is coming from and where it is going. The Accounts Payable program allows you to measure the impact of your company's cost distribution and cash flow requirements. Payroll is a system that allows you to run your own "in house" payroll system to keep track of employee hours and all standard payroll deductions.

Integrated Wholesale Solutions
Our POS system integrates with all the major Canadian wholesalers. Purchase orders, advanced ship notice and electronic invoicing are available with McKesson and Kohl & Frisch and Unipharm wholesale. Downloadable catalogues are available from almost every wholesaler in Canada including McKesson, Kohl & Frisch, Unipharm, Carlton Cards, Hallmark, Newsgroup, Nivel, Rep Pharm and Shaben.
Purchase any of our POS systems to simplify your retail operations.